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Prop firm management refers to the administration, oversight, and operational aspects of managing a forex trading account.
At signalpass, we aim to generate profit for you by utilizing our own trading strategies and analysis by effectively managing capital allocation and risk compliance

Forex Invest Fund Management

Forex trading signals

Forex education and training

Market research and analysis

Personalized consultation and support

We need a maximum of 60days to pass both phases.That is, 30 days for 1st evaluation phase
and another 30 days for the 2nd evaluation phase.

It’s important to note that risk management practices can vary between prop firms.
At signalpass,we familarize ourselves with the specific risk management policies and guidelines of the firm they are associated with and adhere to them consistently.
Effective risk management is essential for long-term success in trading and maintaining a positive relationship with the prop firm.

Cryptocurrency is the only accepted payment method. Our clients can make deposits or payments using popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The account becomes funded after both phases have been passed successfully, while the requirements of a trading account for individuals or businesses would be relayed directly to the account owner after having a one on one consultation session with our service personnel.

To pay for your one time service fee, click on the “pay now” option on the pricing page which then leads you to our consultation page where you can have a personalized conversation with our service personnel through our official email where you would be directed on how to make the payment.

Cryptocurrency is the only accepted payment method. Our clients can make deposits or payments using popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

100% Refund Guarantee in the Event of unsuccessful prop firm account Funding .

Should your application not meet the necessary prop firm requirements and unfortunately does not get funded ,we are committed to promptly refund 100% of your one time service fee paid to help trade your prop firm account. Your refund would be processed within 30 days and all necessary refund steps would be communicated via your email .

Please be rest assured that we value your partnership, and this refund guarantee is just one way for us to demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction and trust .

Signalpass informing you about our prop Firm profit split structure with clients.

We are absolutely elated to introduce our profit split structure here at signalpass .our commitment to transparency and fairness has driven us to design a profit split system that benefits both our esteemed clients and our company .in this communication we would like to outline the key details of this structure and the multitude of advantages it offers to you as our valued partners.

Before we delve into the split necessities it is compulsory to take into awareness that the profit split takes place after the account has been funded by the propfirm company after we have passed both evaluation stages and the propfirm company have withdrawn their percentage of the funded profit which is always (30%) of the funded profit made after trading successfully and passing the evaluation stages .

The remaining funded profit which is left in the account now becomes the amount which is going to be splitted.by our company and you our esteemed clients .here are the splitting details explained below .

Profit sharing is a critical component of our collaboration with clients, and we are proud to offer a competitive split that ensures your financial success remains our top priority. Under this profit split, an impressive 60 percent of the profits you generate will be allocated to you directly. Earning this majority share reflects our strong belief in your trading abilities, and it serves as an incentive for you to achieve remarkable results through your skillful strategies and hard work.

At Signalpass we view your success as our success, and by offering such a favorable profit split structure, we are empowering you to thrive and prosper in the trading realm. It is our avid desire to establish an enriching partnership that rewards your dedication and celebrates your accomplishments. Therefore, this profit split has been meticulously designed to ensure you receive the utmost financial benefit from your endeavors.

Not only does our profit split bring significant monetary rewards, but it also showcases our commitment to nurturing a community of exemplary traders. We are eager to attract and retain exceptional individuals such as yourself, individuals who possess the expertise and drive to excel in the world of trading. By providing a profit split that sets the stage for your enduring success, we aim to create an environment where talent and ambition converge, fostering a community of traders who are motivated and inspired to surpass their financial goals.

Furthermore, this profit split is just one facet of the exceptional value and support we strive to provide to our clients. By partnering with us, you gain access to a wide array of exclusive benefits aimed at enhancing your trading experience. Our extensive range of resources encompasses cutting-edge trading tools, comprehensive market analysis, ongoing mentorship programs, and the unwavering assistance of our experienced team. Our dedication to equipping you with the tools needed for optimal performance aligns with our mission to facilitate your triumph within the trading arena.

Rest assured, transparency is of utmost importance to us. We firmly believe in upholding clear and concise communication with our clients, and thus, we guarantee a detailed breakdown of the profit split calculation process. Regular updates and reports regarding your earnings and our company’s share will be provided, ensuring complete transparency and fostering a relationship built on trust.

We are incredibly excited to embark on this thrilling journey with you, and we firmly believe that our 60/40 percent profit split structure will be instrumental in fueling your trading success. Together, let us embark on this mutually beneficial path, propelling us towards new heights of profitability and forging a partnership destined for prosperity.

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